About Us

A Tradition of Caring

Monique le Roux

My love of animals and biology and my subsequent BSc degree in Zoology all those years ago, was perhaps destiny’s first attempt at staring me unblinkingly, in the face.

Circumstances such as relationships, motherhood, immigration, bills and fear..probably mostly fear..shoved me along another ,safer route - That of insurance, business and finance. So fate got sneaky and announced  out of the blue to this ‘braai-raised’ South African, that I was to stop eating red meat (just because), to then cut out seafood and finally, to ‘go vegan’. And so began the transformation. Maybe animal product in the blood-stream clogs up logical thinking or keeps the ‘denial button’ firmly pressed on stuck. Maybe so much death and suffering entering our systems masks our inherent tendency for compassion and turns our hearts so cold that we disconnect and lose ourselves to a degree that we still ‘hunger’ even after consuming a prime cut of beef, a block of cheese or a spiral of boerewors big enough to feed a village.

I can’t remember if it was something I read, or something somebody said, but after once swearing to ‘never study again!’…I returned to study part-time while working a full-time job. I whetted my appetite as a ‘mature student’ with a paper in Anthrozoology. This was followed by a rather chewy and tough Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations. I adopted Darwin, my canine companion, from the Humane Society which prompted me to commence with another certificate, this time in Canine Training and Behaviour . My work experience for this course entailed volunteering at a local dog shelter. By then I was hooked and I continue to volunteer my free time there months after my assignment was turned in. I participate in various animal welfare marches when time allows and also personally donate regularly to a number of animal and environmental causes. The learning continues.