Our mission


“ A person often meets their destiny on the road they take to avoid it.”

Jean de la Fontaine.

Our primary mission is to raise awareness and to bring about change in the name of the millions of living creatures that by their existence, have equal rights to our planet and all its bountiful resources, and yet are subjected to atrocious exploitation, torture and incarceration by the human species.

They are not here for us. They do not belong to us. They have their own agenda which we are not privy to and may never be. By their paw-prints, hoof-prints, and by hydro and aero- trails they announce their existence, their right to freedom and to peace, to pro-create, to connect, to live…and to die..in their own chosen time.

This is our planet. We all pace it restlessly in search of ourselves. We will do so until we realise that we find ourselves in others. In the fearful, darting minnow in the pond, in the lolling adoration of the family pet, in the compassion between cow and calf, in the resourcefulness of the rat , the intelligence of the pig, the gentleness of the whale, the loyalty of the beagle and the connectivity of a flock of starlings.

Our secondary mission is to draw attention to the thousands of unknown individuals and collectives who labour in sometimes unbearable conditions, to rescue, rehabilitate and to re-home, or to offer life-long sanctuary to the lucky few beings that escape the cruel intentions of humankind. I have worked amongst such people and seen the energy expended, often for minimal or no pay. These brave individuals are sometimes exposed to ridicule, sometimes threatened and are often marginalised – because they chose to stop, think, question and walk the road less travelled. Most of all I have witnessed their endless compassion and sacrifice and the heart-break they endure on a soul-level when they are not able to save a suffering creature that has entered their sanctum. As we develop, we would like to share any profits with selected organisations through our eco-store and to encourage donations through our blogs, charity-drives and campaigns.

Finally, our third objective is to establish an animal sanctuary here in New Zealand. We have the passion, are gaining the knowledge, are no longer afraid of stepping out of our comfort-zones and we are as ready as we ever will be. As Seneca the Younger said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The rest of the plan is in the hands of destiny and we will keep pacing until it is time.

Being fledglings, we welcome the insights, guidance, advice, support and wisdom of those who are ahead on the flight-path. No doubt there will be eddies, storms and turbulent meanderings at times but ultimately we are driven by an inner instinct that will show us the way home.